Teacher Classroom Sign-Out Sheet Printable

As a teacher, The biggest pain point with my sign-out system was getting students to fill it out correctly… and remembering to sign back in when they returned. I designed this sheet to be form-like (which students love!) to get them to fill it out properly (and they do!). 

The color-coded columns make it easy for students to see what they need to complete. This can also be printed in black and white with a similar effect. The rows are separated, leaving plenty of writing room for each student. 

Finally, the date and time stamps are inviting and show the proper format for students to fill in.

Student sign out sheet for classrooms on a clipboard on a desk.

What’s Included:

  • Size: 8.5 x 11  inches
  • File Type: PDF and Canva Template
  • Size: 2  pages
  • Student sign-out sheet. 
Classroom sign out sheet infographic with details for the printable.


  • 2-page design for double-sided printing. 
  • Easy-to-read teacher name and room number. 
  • Space for:
    • Date
    • Name
    • Destination
    • Time out
    • Time in 
  • Color-coded columns. 
  • Space between rows. 
  • Large writing space. 

Ideal For:

  • Classroom Teachers: Easily track student movements with an engaging and user-friendly sign-out process. 
  • Substitute Teachers: Have your sign-out system to share with the lead teacher. 
  • School Administrators: Implementing a standardized sign-out sheet across classrooms. 
  • Front Office Staff: Monitor students leaving class or campus with this log. 
  • Tutors & Instructors: Accounting for student arrivals and departures during sessions. 
  • Librarians, School Nurses, and More: Anyone needing a simple yet effective student location management tool. 

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