Printable Days of the Week [FREE Download]

Print these days of the week as posters or individually cut out. They can be used alone or as part of my teacher calendar system. Each day is clearly labeled in a bold, sans-serif font, making reading easy for learners of all ages. The unique color for each day helps reinforce recognition and association.

These bright, eye-catching printables help students visually learn the days of the week. Use them for sequencing activities, calendar practice, or classroom decorations. Incorporate them into circle time routines or morning calendar exercises to solidify students’ understanding of dates and the week’s order. These versatile printables are the perfect addition to any calendar or time-themed lesson plan.

Hand getting printout of the days of the week from the printer.

What’s Included:

  • Size: 8.5” x 11” US Letter 
  • Pages: 1 poster & 5 pages to cut out the days
  • File type: PDF and Canva template 
  • Days of the week printable
Printable motnhs of the year infographic with information on the poster.


  • Each day is 2” tall and 5-8” wide
  • Three days fit on each page 
  • Compatible with my teacher calendar 
  • Unique and customizable colors for each day of the week

Ideal For:

  • Early childhood educators teaching days of the week.
  • Elementary teachers reinforcing days of the week.
  • Homeschooling parents teaching sequence of days.
  • Special education teachers using visual aids.
  • ESL instructors teaching days of week vocabulary.
  • Parents creating routines and schedules at home.
  • Daycare providers incorporating into circle time.
  • Occupational therapists working on sequencing skills.
  • Teachers making days of the week decorations.
  • Parents making educational days of the week games.

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