Weekly 10 Prep Teacher Lesson Planner (Free Download!)

As a teacher who has previously taught up to 10 different sections, I know how hard it is to stay organized!  I made this 10 subject planner to help. If you teach lots of subjects across grades or have many sections, this planner will help you manage your schedule. 

It has sections for lesson plans, assignments, student info, and important dates to keep you on track. 

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What’s Included:

  • Pages: 112
  • Size: 8.5 x 11” 
  • File Type: PDF & Canva Template 
  • 10 Subject Teacher Lesson Planner
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  • Front cover: Personalize your planner with your name and classroom number so you planner never gets lost. 
  • Teacher information sheet: Quickly reference your important school and emergency contact information. 
  • Weekly Schedule: This weekly calendar at a glance will help you organize your periods, subjects, sections, duties, clubs, and more. 
  • Important dates calendar: Keep track of holidays, staff development, student birthdays, field trips, assemblies, and other key dates throughout the year. 
  • Student contact information (up to 30 students): Easily access essential details for teacher-parent communication. 
  • Seating chart page: This page is intentionally blank to let you draw your classroom layout in rows, centers, tables, or flexible seating that fits your style. 
  • Attendance page: Print as many copies as you need and track student attendance for five weeks at a time for up to 30 students. If you want to track additional metrics like total students present and total absences per student per quarter, take a look at my printable attendance sheet. 
  • Gradebook page: Print as many copies as you need and maintain grade records for 30 students and up to 25 assignments at a time. I used this page to track quick homework checks that I could later put in our Student Management System.
  • Monthly calendars: All 12 months of the year are laid out in a 2-page spread to let you plan the whole month with plenty of writing space to stay on top of upcoming events and deadlines. 
  • Weekly lesson plans: I’ve dedicated two full pages to each week’s lesson plans for all 10 subjects to provide enough space to outline objectives, activities, and assignments. 
  • Undated: This entire planner is undated, meaning you can use it year after year. I used this planner for eight years straight 😱! 
Open teacher binder on a desk with pens, pencils, post-it notes, and a ruler. Inside is a copy of the 10 prep weekly lesson planner filled out with assignments.

Ideal For:

  • Middle/high school teachers with diverse subjects
  • Teachers with 8-10 class preparations
  • Part-time teachers with complex schedules
  • Elementary teachers teaching multiple specialties
  • Consider 3 Prep, 5 Prep, 8 Prep for fewer preps
  • Daycare, Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary for early grades

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Get Printable:

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Jacqui is a teacher and multi-tasking mompreneur on a mission to help others master productive living. Drawing from years of experience creating structured routines and efficient systems in the classroom, she now applies those planning principles to juggling her many roles. Her secret? An arsenal of printable planners, checklists, calendars, and productivity tools!

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